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Piano Restoration Is Our Strength

A Snapshot of our Philosophy

What is Different About Dallas Piano Tuners and Restoration?

Simply put, the most impactful characteristics of a piano rebuilder are their taste, judgement, and ability to do many highly technical tasks well.  Take a moment to consider how specialized this craft is.  If you hire a rebuilder that mainly knows how to refinish or paint the exterior of a piano you will get a great paint job.  If you hire a piano rebuilder that predominately knows how to install strings you will get a great stringing job.  And so on....

Our strength is in our materials, workmanship, and artistic vision.

"I used to wear a Steinway & Sons t-shirt to school everyday for years when I was a kid, because the first time I played a Steinway I fell in love with the brand.  Until that point I had never played a piano that had such depth in the touch and tone, and the moment my hands made it to the keyboard my ears knew that there was a lifelong love of Steinway pianos beginning."

- Holt Deniger, Owner

When Holt started working for Steinway Hall Dallas in 2006 as a piano technician, he knew that he had found his dream job.  Over nearly a decade as an employee of Steinway Holt rebuilt, tuned, and repaired countless Steinway pianos, further shaping his artistic vision for how these pianos should look, feel, and sound.  So when you look at the images above and see the quality level you will understand it is not just about how "good" of a piano technician one might be, it is about the image of how a piano should be imprinted in the minds and hearts of a piano rebuilder who loves what he does.  That is the greatest strength that we have.  We know exactly how the Steinway piano should appear cosmetically (types of materials used, colors, parts, etc...), how it should sound (bell like tone voiced to perfection), and how responsive the touch should feel to the player.

After well over a decade of hard work and persistence the artistic vision that began years ago has matured and developed, finally matching craftsmanship and manual ability to the high standard that Steinway & Sons represents.

Call us to schedule a time to play one of the pianos we have restored and see, hear, and feel the Dallas Piano Tuners difference in person.

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